The Horizon Distribution Center Management System module manages movement and accountability of merchandise received from vendors and returned from stores. The receipt of vendor orders relieves open order quantities, creates store allocations and generates intercompany billing transactions. Wireless hand-held RF (radio frequency) scanning terminals are used for a “paperless” operation, with features such as combined receiving and splitting, pick list routing, slot management and hierarchical storage locations within the Distribution Center.

Bar codes on warehouse racking, pallets, and merchandise are used to route and track workflow. In this environment workers are not required to maintain heavy mental focus on the process — they just follow the prompts. DC functions are designed especially for use with the smaller screen size and transactional nature of the “on the spot” portable RF terminal environment. Receiving, shipping, put away, cycle count, product inquiry, UPC assignment and label printing are all supported with RF terminals. Data views in all Horizon modules are therefore “real time”, eliminating the need for printed status reports.

A receiving audit report is prepared for Accounts Payable, and the receiving data is also made available to the Horizon Accounts Payable module as input to the vendor invoice vouching process. The receiving process optionally produces bar code labels and/or clothing hang tags.

With its interfaces to the Horizon Retail Solutions General Ledger, Purchasing, Payables, and Intercompany Billing modules, Distribution is a comprehensive solution in support of store merchandising.
Host – Warehouse Management System Features

Features in the current release:

  • “Paperless” distribution center
  • Merchandise tickets with bar-code
  • Best fit, FIFO allocations
  • Zone aisle bay tier
  • Pick run sequence to auto-route picks
  • One-step receipt and split
  • Automated pack list with hazardous materials manifest
  • Automated billing
  • RFID
  • Multiple distribution centers
  • Automatic intercompany billing among stores and warehouses
  • Shipping to wrong store prevented

Create and maintain transfers

Create and Maintain Inter store Transfers

Host-WMS’s function for Interstore Transfers allows you to group products to be transferred from one location to another. Once you have created your transfer, the request is sent to the transferring store to get the process started.

Maintain and confirm receipt of PO

Maintain and Confirm Receipt of Purchase Orders

Process the receipt of a purchase order. Confirm the completed purchase order receipt with possible adjustments for wrong quantities and unordered items.

Receive and split PO

Receive and Split Purchase Orders

Using a wireless handheld device, you can receive and split purchase orders quickly and easily. Just choose the PO you are receiving and then scan the products and enter in the quantity to be received. The system then tells you which location to send the merchandise to and the quantity that they need. The quantity to split to the locations can either be predetermined or can be calculated based upon need at the time the receiving takes place.