Host is the foundation of merchandise management. Host facilitates central control of all aspects of merchandise, with views of product inventories, sales histories and trends, open order quantities and status, defectives, intercompany transfer activity, and inventory levels for every store and warehouse. Host provides the tools for stock balancing, replenishment and automatic ordering and allocation. With interfaces to the Distribution, Sales Analysis, and Price Management modules, Purchasing truly offers enterprise control of merchandise from the buyer’s office.

You can create a vendor purchase order for delivery and subsequent distribution to your stores; or create a master order comprising individual purchase orders for delivery directly to stores; or a combination. Merchandise may be pre-allocated at the time of order, or dynamically allocated by the system at the time of receipt at the distribution center. Many (if not most) vendors can be set up for automated review and reorder. Sophisticated forecasting algorithms keep you in stock everywhere, taking into consideration stock-outs and seasonality.

The Horizon Purchasing solution offers a rich set of features:

  • Multiple distribution centers
  • Vendor orders for stores, distribution centers, or combination
  • Allocates receipts for store replenishment
  • Allocates warehouse stock for store replenishment
  • Automated reorder and replenishment
  • Order and receipt data interfaces with Accounts Payable
  • View sales history and trends, current stock, and open order status via interfaces to other Horizon modules
  • Stock balancing among locations via transfers
  • Automatic intercompany billing among stores and warehouses
  • EDI eCommerce purchase orders and acknowledgements

Featured-supported hardware and software:

  • Motorola
  • Symbol
  • Telxon
  • Sato
  • FaxStar

Horizon Retail Solutions Work With Products

Work with Products

You will create and maintain the products that you sell.

Horizon retail Solutions Review Your Product’s Performance

Review your Product’s Performance

You can review your product’s performance using Host’s Product Review. Here you will see your product’s current and future position as well as sales totals, future pricing and much more.

Audit your Product's Inventory

Audit your Product’s Inventory

Dig down into the detail of a product’s inventory movement. Find out what and when receivings, transfers, cycle counts, and sales were done at any specific location.

Horizon Retail Solutions Create/Maintain Purchase Orders

Create/Maintain Purchase Orders

Setup and maintain your purchase orders by using Host Work with Purchase Orders Screen. You can create direct ship, consolidated or a combination of both types of purchase orders for multiple warehouses and retail store locations.

Horizon Retail Solutions Automate the creation of Purchase Orders

Automate the Creation of Purchase Orders

Setup and maintain your vendors in order to have the system automatically review and order the vendor’s products. Use Host stock levels and/or forecasting method to make sure you’ll always have the stock on-hand that you will need.