The Horizon Point of Sale solution is constantly evolving to integrate new technologies. This means that you receive new features and adopt new innovations like RFID and wireless connections, without buying new software every time new technology appears in the market.

Our Point of Sale software is just one part of our entire software solution. Free integration with new technologies, ongoing training and collaborative software development are the key features of the Horizon solution that keep your business up-to-date and allow you to focus on Retail, not IT.

The Horizon Point of Sale system allows you to handle every transaction in a way that best fits your business needs. The flexibility of configuration allows you to decide:

  • Whether you want to collect customer information for return transactions,
  • Whether to allow or disallow any specific tender types to be used as change,
  • Whether to collect customer zip codes with each sale,
  • Much, much more.

Our Point of Sale system is very easy to learn and use. This offers enormous benefit to businesses without a lot of time to train cashiers on operation of simple cash register functions. The interface is very intuitive and guides cashiers to the next step at every point of the transaction.

Store – POS Software (Cashier) Features

  • Easy to use – very little cashier training is required.
  • Scan products or look them up using pictures, description, SKU, vendor, manufacturer.
  • Use configurations and security to restrict or enable specific lookup options.
  • Automatic Promotional Pricing and Markdowns-time and date activated.
  • Continual polling of stores to send sales to corporate and update stores with changes
  • Communications supported for Wide Area Networks or with simple modem connections.
  • Customer History Lookup
  • Free form text comment lines allowed on receipts.
  • Discounts by percent or dollar amount.
  • Add new customers quickly (for granting tax-exempt discounts or tracking customer returns)
  • Flag items as Gift Items to produce separate Gift receipts.
  • Flag items as LoadOut to print receipts for customers to pick up products outside the store.
  • Perform returns and purchases in a single transaction.
  • Accept multiple tender types on any transaction.
  • Lookup previous transactions quickly and easily.
  • Reprint receipts from any transaction from any till.
  • Discount all or part of a transaction by dollar amounts, percentages, or by margin.
  • Add notes to any transaction, line item, or payment tendered.
  • Unlimited levels of multiple quantity pricing.
  • Create roles to administer user security.
  • Schedule jobs for reports to print or be saved to files.
  • Schedule purges of old data and other processes with a flexible scheduling tool.
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel for customized manipulation.
  • Sell products by unit or by Case UPCs.
  • Lookup history of customer transactions.

Loss Prevention

  • Auto logoff POS and other programs after period of inactivity.
  • Prevent products being returned more than once for the same related purchase.
  • Track cashier exceptions such as abandoned transactions, voids, and price alterations.

Support for many types of sales and transactions:

  • Purchases
  • Returns
  • Layaways
  • Special orders
  • Rainchecks
  • Customer quotes

Support for many types of payment tender:

  • Cash
  • Checks (with inhouse or external verification)
  • Credit Cards
  • Farm Plan
  • Coupons
  • Private Label Cards
  • Gift Certificates
  • Charge On In-House Account
  • Foreign Currency
  • In-Store Credit
  • Request for Check from Corporate (on large dollar returns)
  • Gift Cards, and more

Seamless Integration with Payment Verification Services

  • First Data – For credit card verification
  • Transarmour – For credit card verification

Hardware Required

  • Our Point of Sale solutions runs on Microsoft Windows based computers.
  • We have customers using Dell, Gateway, IBM, Compaq, and other vendor model computers.
  • Supported operating systems include Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10/SQL Server 2012

Peripheral Hardware Supported

  • Cash Drawers
  • Receipt Printers
  • Cherry Keyboards
  • Handheld Barcode Scanners
  • Signature Capture Devices
  • Pole Displays
  • Flatbed Barcode Scanners
  • Verifone Devices
  • Price Check Scan Units

Electronic Sales Receipt

  • The Tax Rate of zero percent for the second item is green, indicating that the tax was automatically removed because the customer is recognized as a farmer and the item is tax exempt for farmers.
  • The price of the Carhartt shirt is displayed in yellow indicating that it has been discounted.

Product Lookups

Scan product bar codes or look products up with a variety of options:

Price Maintenance

Automate sales, promotions, mark downs, and close-outs. Cashiers with permission can discount or correct prices as needed. They may also apply transaction level discounts.