We Help Farm, Home & Ranch Retailers
Gain Control of Their Business

What We Do

Horizon Retail Solutions helps high volume Farm, Home & Ranch Retailers seamlessly manage every aspect of their retail chain operation.

Large retail chain operations are complex and have a lot of moving parts. That's why we've developed an integrated, all-in-one retail software suite that gathers information across all your locations, departments, products, and activities in one place, allowing you to increase your bottom line.

More Control

More Control

Higher Profits

Higher Profits

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Who We Are

Operating for <strong>30+ years</strong>

Operating for 30+ years

Working exclusively with <strong>Farm, Home & Ranch Retailers</strong>

Working exclusively with Farm, Home & Ranch Retailers

Trusted partner of <strong>Mid-States</strong> Distributing

Trusted partner of Mid-States Distributing

<strong>Live</strong> technical support you can rely on

Live technical support you can rely on

Reliable <strong>all-in-one</strong> retail management software suite

Reliable all-in-one retail management software suite

<strong>Flexible and customizable</strong> to suit the needs of your business

Flexible and customizable to suit the needs of your business

<strong>Scalable</strong> from one location to hundreds

Scalable from one location to hundreds

<strong>Affordable</strong> solution

Affordable solution

Why We’re Different

The Best Fit For Where Your Business Is Now

The Best Fit For Where Your Business Is Now

Outgrowing your current solution? Horizon is the best fit for your retail business. As your business scales, Horizon scales with you.

The Features You Need, Without the Extras

The Features You Need, Without the Extras

While other solutions are expensive and offer a variety of features you don’t need, Horizon offers an affordable, simplified solution that you can customize to fit your business.

Designed With Farm, Home & Ranch Retailers In Mind

Designed With Farm, Home & Ranch Retailers In Mind

We’ve worked with retailers like you for 30+ years. Our products have been developed through ongoing discussions and feedback from our trusted customers. That’s why our solution operates like your business.

We Work Closely With Our Trusted Alliances

We partner with top solutions so we can deliver top quality service to retail chains.

Backed by Constellation Software Inc.

Perseus Group

Horizon Retail Solutions was acquired by Perseus Group, an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. in October 2019.

Being part of the Constellation family, we continue to provide the specialization and individual attention you expect from an industry-focused company while benefiting from the support and best practices of an international provider of market-leading software.