Horizon Retail Solutions Announces ERP User Interface Modernization Project

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Enhancements to the Host ERP user interface will increase efficiency by making the solution easier to use, more intuitive, and more visually pleasing 

Dec. 22, 2023  

(LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo.) – Horizon Retail Solutions, a leading provider of fully integrated, customizable retail management systems for farm, home, and ranch retail chains, today announced it is embarking on a major user interface (UI) redesign project for its Host Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. 

Horizon’s Host ERP solution offers a one-stop shop for essential business functions, including: 

  • Merchandising  
  • POS and Store Management 
  • Finance and Accounting 
  • Warehouse Management 
  • Customer Management 
  • Reporting and Analytics 

Horizon Host ERP was designed from the ground up with the unique needs of farm, home, and ranch retailers in mind. The UI redesign project will allow customers to access these familiar and valued features through a modern, web-based interface created with usability and efficiency in mind.  

“At Horizon, we know our customers use our solution every day to manage their complex retail operations, and we take our commitment to making their lives simpler very seriously,” said Newton Chan, President of Horizon Retail Services. 

“Recently, many customers have expressed that they’d like a straightforward, easy-to-use, web-based interface for Horizon Host ERP, so they can get new staff members up and running on the solution quickly. We’re responding to this request by rolling out a streamlined new interface that makes it easier to access all the specialized ERP tools our customers rely on.” 

The new Host ERP UI will be an optional add-on to the Horizon Host product. Customers who are proficient with, and prefer, the original interface will not be required to adopt the new one.  

Farm and home retail chains leaders who want to remain informed on the progress of the Host ERP UI enhancement project, and who may wish to become early adopters of the modernized interface, are urged to express this interest to Horizon via email at sales@horizonretailsolutions.com 

About Horizon Retail Solutions: 

For more than 30 years, Horizon Retail Solutions has provided farm and home retail chains with software, consulting, training, and support services. 

With decades of experience, we understand your business and its unique challenges. This experience – combined with a knowledgeable team of industry professionals – has allowed us to build an affordable, all-in-one retail management system that will help you manage every aspect of your business. 

Designed exclusively for retail chains like yours, our software will scale with your business as it grows. Learn more at https://horizonretailsolutions.com/