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11350 McCormick Rd, Executive Plaza III,
Suite 200
Hunt Valley MD , 21031

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About Horizon Retail Solutions

Horizon Retail Solutions is located in Lewisville, Texas. We support customers from Idaho across the Midwest to New Hampshire. Because of our close collaboration with our customers for the past 20 years, our software is optimal for helping them run their business. Horizon Retail Solutions was recently acquired by Perseus Group, an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. Click here for more information.

The Horizon Difference
To stay on top of the ever-changing technology advances in retail, growing retail businesses need more than off-the-shelf software. Horizon Retail Solutions offers software that evolves and grows with its customers’ business. We are constantly working to improve our product and provide new features to help businesses be more efficient. We are constantly improving the software to support new tax laws, new government mandates and reporting requirements, and to take advantage of new technologies like RFID and self-checkouts.

Retail businesses generally want to focus on selling products, not on the IT infrastructure needed to make it happen. Horizon Retail Solutions allows businesses to do just that, without the concern that their software will soon be obsolete or unable to meet the demands of a changing environment. Horizon Retail Solutions is more than just a software vendor; we are a strategic partner that our clients count on to help increase growth and efficiency.

Our Target Market
Our customers are primarily small and mid-size businesses with multiple store locations, 50 to 1000 employees and between $500,000 and $500,000,000 in annual revenues. They are Ranch, Farm and Home retailers focused on making a profit through volume sales.

Our Mission
Our goal is to provide solutions and training to increase our customers’ efficiency and profits. We do this through technological innovations in easy-to-use, customer friendly software, and second-to-none support service. We take pride in our software being the best in the marketplace. Dedicated to long-term existing customer relationships, Horizon also intends to steadily increase customer base and product lines by reinvesting profits into marketing and R&D.

The Future
Horizon Retail Solutions has grown steadily for the last 15 years. We anticipate this growth will continue in three areas:

  • Support our existing customers to grow and expand by opening new store locations and increasing their retail space in existing locations.
  • Acquiring new customers with the same business model as our existing customers when these prospects see how well our current customers are doing with our solutions.
  • Improving our solution to appeal to a wider range of retailers including larger and smaller businesses, as well as solutions that work on alternate platforms.