Horizon Offers Solutions – Not Just Software

Advancements in technology and support tools are requiring retail Purchasing, Point of Sale, and Warehouse Management System solutions to be enhanced and upgraded. New technologies like wireless connections, RFID and high-speed Internet access enable retailers to deliver new features to customers to become more profitable.

To stay on the leading edge a retailer needs software that is continually growing to integrate these new technologies into its business. That’s the kind of software Horizon Retails Solutions provides.

More than preprogrammed software programs on CD, the solution we sell is not for everybody. However, we think most companies would benefit from our brand of continual improvement — keeping up with evolving technology, customizing solutions for your business and 24/7 support. At Horizon, we continually work with our customers to improve our software, to keep up with new industry offerings such as new payment types, new security features and new tracking technologies like RFID. We also want our customers to know how to best configure our software and take advantage of the features that will improve their bottom lines. To do this, we participate in customer user conferences, online collaboration, and phone calls. Working with our customers; we jointly prioritize new features to be developed, resolve problems, and help get the most out of their software.

That is why Horizon sells solutions, not just software. We act as your strategic business partner and help make decisions about how technology can improve your retail business and reduce bottom line costs. By selecting Horizon as your strategic IT partner, you will receive:

Harizon Software


  • Point of sale software
  • Store management software
  • RF gun software
  • Inventory management and purchasing software
  • Warehouse and distribution center software
  • Accounting software

Horizon Customer Service


  • Installation support
  • Configuration support
  • 24/7 support
  • Online problem tracking system
  • Training

Image 3 - And More Heading

And more

  • Software upgrades
  • User conferences — learn about new features and prioritize development
  • User community — share and learn best practices
  • New feature development and enhancements — customize software for your business
  • IT advice
  • Customizable cashier training guides — train cashiers on your exact system configuration